Our Services


Carlyle Gray helps small businesses, corporations, and non profit organizations achieve efficiency and effectiveness through innovation and technology. We utilize a holistic approach to address your brand. When you work with us we will begin by assessing your company’s needs in order to develop custom products that will meet your needs where you are.

Why Choose Us?
We are passionate about your business. Once you have selected us to partner with you on any project, we will give your business our all.
  • Integrity: We Do The Right Thing
  • Respect: We Value Our Customers
  • Excellence: We Do Our Best
  • Commitment: We Keep Our Word
Our Crazy Skills
Web Design 95%
HTML5 & CSS3 85%
PHP & MySQL 60%
Wordpress 90%
JavaScript & jQuery 80%
SQL 80%
C# 80%
ASP .Net 80%
MVC 70%